About this Blog

One winter evening I was in the bedroom changing our then-two-year-old's diaper, when my husband came in to to begin the following conversation...

Mark (softly): "There's a body in the backyard."

Me (stunned): "What, dead?!?"

Mark: "No, alive."

Me (so. confused.): "That's called a person!"

Mark: "What's a person?"

Me: "What?!?"

Mark: "What?!?"

Me: "What did you come in here and say?"

Mark (louder): "There's a bunny in the backyard."

Me: "Oh!"

Turns out he was telling me quietly because he didn't want our daughter to get all excited about the bunny if it were to run away before we had a chance to get to the window. (Which it did.) But I couldn't for the life of me figure out who would be in our backyard during a snowstorm, and why Mark would choose to label said person as a "body".

* * * * *

That story, the inspiration for the name of this site, quite accurately sums up life around here most days. Sweet and stressful and full of mistakes, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Here, I write about it all. The comedy of errors that is marriage and parenting. The sentimental journey of watching life spring up as gift from God and doing our best to point those lives back to Him as they grow. The things my kids teach me, even as I stumble through trying to teach them. And the random...the new products I don't understand, my attachment to various forms of time-wasting entertainment, and the days when I seem to reside in Crazytown. It's all messy, all work in progress, and all here.

Thanks for joining me in the backyard. Pull up a lawn chair, but watch out for either bodies or bunnies. You just never know.