About Me

Hi there! I'm Laura.

I'm a wife of 15 years to an IT guy. We met in preschool and were married sixteen years later. Since he's a computer smarty, I have allowed my own technology skills to atrophy since approximately 1991. But when floppy disks make a comeback someday, I am READY.

We have two children; Maya - age 9, and Noah - age 6. Maya is cautious, empathetic, studious, and wise beyond her years. Noah is Buddy the Elf in child form. A recent example: "Oh Daddy, I just LOVE doors! Doors are my favorite!" Um...okay. These kids, and their father too, are the light of my life, and I'm blessed beyond measure to live my dream job as a full-time mama.

We live in the Midwest. Not the scenic part (I've heard there is one), but the flat, yawn-inducing part. (Our daughter thinks the local landfill is a mountain. We need to get these children to Colorado, stat.)

I love baking, road trips, intense conversation, music, weekends in the city, autumn, and a few too many television shows.

I try my very best to follow Jesus. He is everything that matters. That doesn't mean that I always fit neatly into the evangelical boxes, though. One example (out of several) being that I've tended to buck the trends when it comes to some popular Christian parenting philosophies. It was a journey to get to the place where I was comfortable following God's voice in my ear above the clamor of others claiming "the" Biblical take on this subject, but now it's something I'm intensely passionate about. So much so that I co-wrote a book about it all, with my dear friend and mind-twin, Megan.

There's so much that I don't have figured out yet...most things, really. But I try to commit every day to the process of getting a little closer to the life I'm called to live. And to having a sense of humor along the way.

And also, I love Fonzie.

(That last part's actually not true at all. I just had to include at least one Friends reference. If you follow that, I'm pretty sure we can be best friends.)