Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thoughts on Popular Things I'm Into and Not Into

I tend to vacillate between intrigue and rebellion when it comes to things that everybody seems to be doing, wearing, or watching.  Some of this all-the-rage stuff hasn't sucked me in yet, but I've definitely found myself on board other uber-popular bandwagons.  

Stuff I don't get yet:

1. Breaking Bad

We’ve held off so far, because of the intensity of the subject matter.  But we’ll see.  It very well may happen, especially now that all the episodes have been made.  

2.  Greek Yogurt

I’ll out myself as being very, very un-fond of yogurt.  But when everyone was all, “Greek yogurt!  It’s so different!  Try it!”, I gave in.  And decided that it is very different, and also still not good.  This is an unpopular opinion, I know.  

3.  Instagram

I have an account.  I’ve posted, like, 10 pictures.  I get the appeal, but I’m honestly too lazy to learn the ropes of another social media format.  I’m sort of a technological octogenarian. 

4.  Call the Midwife

I tried, you guys.  I did.  Everyone said that if we liked Downton, this would be another favorite.  I just can’t get into it.  Maybe I need to give it more of a chance?  

5.  The Kardashians 

Why are these people a thing?  And why do I somehow know way more about them than what I’d deem reasonable? 

Stuff I'm definitely into:

1.  Candy Crush

I didn’t want to love you, Candy Crush.  I thought all of your crazed fans on Facebook were a little sad.  And then I decided to try a few levels, “Just to see.”  Now, I count myself among those under your sweet, striped and wrapped candy spell. 

OH MY GOSH.  We cannot stop eating these every night at our 10:00 PM snack time.  Can't stop.  And do not want to. 

3.  Anything created by Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and/or Mindy Kaling

Some people’s work is so popular because it’s just plain genius.  Tina and Mindy’s books made me so happy, Parks and Recreation gets more brilliant each season, and The Mindy Project?  Inching up my list of TV favorites.

I never thought I’d buy anything beyond drugstore-brand makeup.  It felt a little ridiculous to me, actually.  But I’d read so much about the quality of this palette that I finally had a lady at Sephora put it on me, and the rest was slightly embarrassing history.  But honestly, the quality is night-and-day compared to any eye makeup I’ve ever owned, and this palette will last me a long, looooooooong time.  So I’m (mostly) at peace with it. 

5.  Myers-Briggs personality studies

Our women's group at church is starting a study on gifts and purpose, and we're beginning by looking deeper at our personality types.  I know the Myers-Briggs model has been leading the way on this subject for a long time, but it's been really fascinating to look at my natural tendencies, strengths, weaknesses, and quirks, as well as those of my husband, my friends, and even my kids.  (I am team INFJ, by the way!)  

So that's where I stand on some popular products, trends, and entertainment.  Any super-popular things you can't quite get on board with, or that you're head-over-heels for?  

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