Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh! Hello, October.

It's that time of year again.  Of linking up with The Nester in a commitment to write every day in the month of October.  I've wavered over whether to participate (because school!  and life!  and busy!), but last year's venture was good for me.  And by good, I mean really hard.  So with some encouragement, I'm jumping off the cliff again into the welcoming waters of earlier rising and more discipline, as I take a month to write through my...

An admittedly broad topic, but it's what I need.  Far too often I hide in the safe writing zone, consumed by concerns over what others will think.  I want to write even a tiny bit more bravely this month.  That could mean discussing frivolous things like television and entertainment I enjoy without worrying (as much) about appearing shallow.  Or delving into spiritual matters without hyperventilating (as often) over what my diverse group of friends will think of my theology.  And yes, it will mean days on the topics of homeschooling two children and discovering new recipes and odd obsessions and pet peeves.  I just want to write more, share more, and be myself.  

My first thought of the month:  Am I really doing this again?  What exactly is my problem?

Here we go!  

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