Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When Brothers-In-Law Request Greek Food

You know those times when someone randomly tells you they're coming over for dinner on a particular night, and then they also choose the menu?  


Oh.  Well, maybe you haven't met my husband's youngest brother.

This is Matt.  

He's an engineering student at Purdue University, but he was home this weekend.  So, at a family gathering on Saturday, he walked into the room with this statement:

"Hey Laura, I was thinking.  Monday!  Gyros!"

(Translation:  Could I come over for dinner on Monday evening?  And could that dinner consist of gyros?")

Matt was fortunate in this case for a couple of reasons:  1.  I also enjoy gyros.  2.  I have a soft spot for college students, particularly when they've mentioned eating a lot of canned soup, and when they've recently informed me that the three-week-old cookies they'd made were still good.  (Ack!)  

So I green-lighted the gyro plan, picked up the ingredients for tzatziki sauce yesterday morning and baked fresh pita bread in the afternoon, and we all had a lovely meal.  

Matt also suggested I note that he is single.  So, any young ladies out there who enjoy cooking and would like to feed meet Matt, send me an e-mail!  (Also helpful: an interest in learning swing dancing.)  And just think ... you'd never have to stress about what to plan for dinner, because this is a man with food-based opinions!  

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