Friday, October 5, 2012

What We're Reading - October (Day 5)

Although my daughter is a proficient reader on her own, she still loves to snuggle up and read with me, and I'm going to take that opportunity as long as I possibly can!  She also shares my habit of going back and forth between several books at once, so we constantly have three or four stories swirling in our minds.  

Here are some of our current read-alouds:

The Ralph series (The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Runaway Ralph, Ralph S. Mouse) by Beverly Cleary

We are HUGE Beverly Cleary fans in this house, and are nearly through the third book about the motorcycle-loving mouse, Ralph, and his human friends.  Maya has been slower to attach to this set of books than the Henry or Ramona series, but has picked Ralph S. Mouse for bedtime reading several times this week.

The Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne

Okay.  These books are ... fine.  Definitely not my favorites.  I mean, it's an interesting concept - a tree house that whisks two siblings off to various places around the world and throughout history.  And I know the writing is geared toward young independent readers.  Maya likes them a lot and they've sparked some discussions about historical events.  I just get a little bored.  Plus, there are like a million of them, and we're only on book 25.  So ... yeah.

Little Pear by Eleanor Frances Lattimore

I wasn't familiar with this one at all before it came in our homeschool curriculum package, but we've really enjoyed it.  Simple, charming stories about the mischievous youngest member of a family in China.  It was a fun read, and inspired us to make a Chinese meal for dinner one night last week.  (Homemade egg rolls = delicious.)

The Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Chandler Warner

I'd only read the original book when I was a child, but Maya and I are zipping through book six right now.  Gertrude Chandler Warner only wrote the first 19 of the over 100 titles in this series, so I may want to stop there, but we'll see.

I do have to say that the updated cover art makes me giggle.  They've given these four kids 90s-era looks, which is slightly out-of-place with the "Now children, what do you think I saw over in the woods?  I saw some blueberries! Yes indeed!" form of dialogue.  Weird.

The Henry Huggins series, by Beverly Cleary

It's our second time through these books, and - I'm sure - not our last.  We could spend hours at a time lost in the world of the Huggins and Quimby families, Scooter McCarthy, and the other colorful characters living in the neighborhoods around Klickitat Street.  

I have plans to grab The Swiss Family Robinson off the shelf at some point, and I'm out-of-my-mind eager to start the Little House series.  (Soon!)  But these are the ones we're opening daily around here right now.

Which books are your kids' favorites this fall?

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