Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What Four-Year-Olds are Thankful For

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So far, this week has been completely nutso for me.  Mostly the good kind of busy, but enough that I was wiped out by the time we were tucking kids into bed last night.

Noah has a standard prayer he tends to repeat every time, and I'll admit that I'm sometimes only half-listening as he rattles it off.  He tends to get hung up on questions about what he should pray for and how it should go, and I've given guidance along with frequent encouragement that he can just talk to God without worrying about structuring his words.  But he's four, and there is safety in repetition.

This time, though, he told me he had a new prayer.  As he spoke, slowly and thoughtfully, I could tell this was straight from his heart.  It was simple, unaffected by phrases overheard and grown-up suggestions.  Most striking to me - it contained no requests whatsoever.  Simply thanks.  And as is often the case, a moment with my child was how God chose to gift me with a dose of perspective and gratitude that quickly dismissed the bad attitude I'd carried just moments before.

Thank you God for this good day.

Thank you for my nice and comfy bed that I can sleep in.

Thank you that in the morning the birds are chirping chirp chirp and the sun is shining.

At least I think so.

Because it's the morning time.

And thank you for making toys for kids to play with.

And for making me my Legos.

And thank you for making babies like Baby Hannah and Baby Emery.

Thank you God


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