Friday, October 26, 2012

This is my brain on empty.

It's Day 26 of this 31-day experiment, and after an overwhelming week, I'm feeling nearly out of things to say.  A few random thoughts to offer on this Friday evening:

  • Why have we not watched Deadliest Catch before now?  We are completely engrossed.  Also?  I am thankful that Mark just works with computers.  And also?  I am now hungry for snow crab.  

  • Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees, and this weekend it might snow.  That's about all I have to say about that.

  • ATTENTION PLEASE:  I did something crafty and it ended well!  Bought a big, plain men's T-shirt at Target and used this tutorial to turn it into a scarf.  It took me, like, 20 minutes and turned out very cute.  Plus, it required no sewing and the only tool I used was a scissors.  Very Laura-friendly.  

  • Apparently the "Angry Whopper" is back at Burger King.  I always shudder when I drive past that sign, because I don't enjoy the thought of eating something that sounds like it's mad at me.

  • Is the election over yet?  No?  *sigh*

  • Whenever I ask Noah what flavor he'd like his birthday cake to be, he tells me "bunny".  I realize he means he wants a bunny-shaped cake, but it's still slightly disturbing.

  • Mark's birthday is this weekend, and we have two family gatherings to celebrate the event.  I'm making dessert for both, and he requested flan ... and flan.  So, double-flan weekend it is.  

  • My brain is done thinking now. 

Good night!

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