Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Like watching paint dry.

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Well, I was going to post something deep and reflective today.

But then I painted our kitchen.

If you're wondering why I'd even bothered planning to write something deep and reflective on a day that I knew I was going to paint the kitchen, it's because I didn't know I was going to paint the kitchen until I woke up today, looked at the kitchen that I've been wanting to paint for about five years now, and suddenly decided that today was the day.

So the kids and I traveled to the lumber-scented land of Lowe's this morning after music class.  I perused paint samples while they brought me every brush in the store one by one, asking "Do we need to buy this one, Mommy?"  It was special.

We made our paint selection, grabbed a couple of brushes, trays, and rolls of tape and went up to pay.  In my head, I'd honestly thought I'd probably be able to paint the kitchen for about $30.


So, now I knew I was really going to have to get this room painted today, since I hadn't exactly told Mark I was planning to do it, and now we had actually purchased paint.  I only kept my intentions secret because I know him well enough to be certain that it would stress him out far less if I would just pick a color and get it all done and put together before he had time to dread the project.

And I did.  I didn't sit down all day, but the kitchen has two new coats of paint and everything was back on the countertops and up on the walls (just barely) before Mark walked in the door this evening. I'm happy, he's happy, the kitchen is a lovely bluish-gray, and I'm going to crash on the couch now amid some lightly lingering paint fumes.

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