Monday, October 15, 2012


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Whew!  So, it’s day 15 of this 31 days madness.  And here’s a status update of sorts:

- I’m a little sick of hearing myself talk.

- I panic daily about my next post topic because oh my gosh, I have nothing!

- But then something always comes just in time.

- This has been a very good discipline for me.

- I don’t always enjoy discipline.

- I’ve been forced to let go of (some of) my perfectionism, and that is a huge deal.

- I’m watching a “How It’s Made” about potato chips, and can’t take my eyes off the screen.  They just had a salt shower. 

- Sorry, where was I?

- Sometimes I start to whine about how writing every day for a month is harder than I thought.  Then I remember that my pastor just spent 30 days walking 500 miles through northern Spain (finishing yesterday) and I tell myself to get a grip.

- I’ve been so grateful for the supportive comments and encouragement to keep going.  Thank you!

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I'm blogging every day this month with all of these brilliant people.  It's my ...

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