Friday, October 19, 2012

Another frivolous "Pick Five" list game!

A few months back, I threw out a random question:  If you could only eat five foods for the rest of your life, what would you choose? 

These are things I actually think about.  Consider sending help.

Anyway, in the same vein, I have a new just curious inquiry to pose.  Play along again?

If you could only watch five television shows for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

As before, there are some guidelines to note:

-  First of all, this is not a desert island-type situation.  You can go about your normal life, but these five shows would be all you would ever see on any TV screen.  Go to a friend's house?  Nope, only these five.  Check in to a hotel?  Sorry, the room will only play the ones on your list. 

 -  I had a hard time deciding whether movies would be permissible in this completely fictional scenario.  I'm going to go with no.  But another week we'll do a movie list.

-  Yes, I realize my rules are completely arbitrary.

Here are mine!

1.  Friends

My favorite of all time.  Plus, there are 10 seasons, and even though I have nearly every episode memorized, I could easily watch them all many times over.

2.  Scrubs

I'm choosing Scrubs, because not only is it one we've watched through many times around here, but there are plenty of poignant moments to balance out the general hilarity.  (The very last scene of Season 8, where J.D. walks through the halls of Sacred Heart one last time?  Maybe one of my favorite television moments ever.

3. Gilmore Girls

I'm new to this one, but I already know it deserves a place on my list. Between the quirky small-town characters, complex relationships, and Amy Sherman-Palladino's incredible scripts, I know this is a series I could revisit often.   

4.  Survivor

I'm not exactly sure why, but whatever.  With 25 seasons now, even the few that I would like to strike from existence would leave plenty of enjoyable viewing.  I know some people lament the premise of a show where lying and manipulation are tools to secure a million-dollar prize.  But I think long-time fans of the show recognize that the outside-the-game aspects of throwing strangers together to use teamwork and build relationship in order to survive has some incredibly redemptive elements that outweigh the back-biting.  Relationships are formed that become more important than "winning", character is revealed through moral dilemmas, and - more often than you think - the most dishonest, manipulative players do not, in fact, end up with the check in the end.

5.  You guys.  I lose at my own game.  

A ridiculous amount of thought later, I simply cannot pick.  Do I go with the feel-good nostalgia of The Cosby Show or The Dick van Dyke Show?  Pick something from the Food Network?  An all-time favorite drama like Lost or ER?  A total cop-out like Today or Good Morning America so there would be a new episode every single day?  Arrested Development, which is BRILLIANT, but only lasted a tragically-short three seasons?  Something current that I enjoy, but might not love so much in the future? 

I give up.  

You go now!

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