Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Few New Favorites

As a general rule, I don't do home sales parties.  Don't host them, don't attend them.  The rare exception being a Pampered Chef event, because the kitchen gadgets get me every time.  But recently it seemed I couldn't go anywhere without hearing people rave about something called Norwex.  Finally, two friends whose opinions I trust (and who I know have similar aversions to sales parties) both cornered me and basically said, "No, really.  You have to see this stuff."

The concept drew me in.  Cleaning cloths and supplies that could get your house sparkly using just water?  Since we'd watched a documentary about the horrific contents of most cleaning products found on the store shelves, I'd stopped buying them altogether, so the Norwex pitch was extremely intriguing.

I agreed to go to a party.  I bought things.  And I'm not one bit sorry.  The first afternoon that I cleaned our bathroom sinks, counters and mirrors with the microfiber cloth and polishing cloth, I pounced on Mark when he got home from work, dragging him around the house shrieking, "Look at this! I did this with just water!  JUST WATER!"  I'm using the dryer balls and not buying fabric softener anymore.  I bought the magnet ball that goes in our dishwasher and am now using about half the detergent I once did, and only have to use a supplemental rinse agent (we have hard water) about every ten times I run it, rather than every single load.

Basically, I'm hooked.  Norwex = yes, please.

* * * * *

We have succumbed to Keurig.

It feels a little bit like we're cheating on our French press.  We loooooooove our French press.  And still believe that it makes the best cup of coffee we've had here at home.  But I'll admit, we also love the Keurig.  It's fast, it's easy, it makes the exact right amount every time, and it makes decent coffee.  We're still sorting through K-cup varieties, as there are some that have been disappointing.  But there are some we like a lot, and we bought the re-usable filter thing so we'll be using that a lot with our own coffee anyway.

* * * * *

I bought this today and hung it up right away.  We love Chicago so much, and just reading the names of some of our favorite spots in the city makes me smile.

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