Friday, October 12, 2012

5 Things I Don't Like, that You Probably Do Like. (Or some other more clever title.)

It's Friday, the sun is shining, and Fall Break looms gloriously on the horizon for next week.  What better time, then, to be vulnerable with the internet about my oddities.

Today, it's a list of things that I find either unfavorable or perplexing, even while the majority of planet Earth seems to find them utterly delightful:

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Orange Juice

It's a morning staple for many people, but for some reason I don't enjoy orange juice at all - particularly in the morning.  From concentrate or not, pulp or pulp-free ... doesn't matter.  And the weirdest thing about this aversion?  I love oranges.  And grapefruit juice.  Strange.

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Vera Bradley merchandise

I don't get it.  I'll be the first to admit that I'm no trend expert (don't ask me my views on skinny jeans).  But every single time I see a VB bag I think, "Seriously?".  It's as if everyone around me is speaking some sort of fashion language that I can't interpret.

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Anne of Green Gables

If you need me, I'm huddled over in the corner with my eyes squeezed tightly shut and arms over my head to brace myself as I add this one to the list.

I don't really love Anne of Green Gables.

I know, I know, I know.  I KNOW.  I'm sorry, and clearly I'm way out here on my own in this opinion.  Also, I should note that it's been years since I've picked up the books or watched the movies.  And that as Anne gets older, I tend to follow her story with more interest.  It's hard to pin down exactly what the issue is, but for some reason (please don't scream ... remember that this post is about things that admittedly make me very strange) I find the series a little bit ... depressing?  (eeeeeek!)

Don't worry, I will introduce my daughter to Anne and her adventures in a few years.  And who knows ... maybe I'll have a total change of heart as I read and view these stories through the lens of my current point in life.

(Once again, I'm sorry.  The rest of you are probably totally right on this one!)

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I have so much admiration for moms with rows of scrapbooks for their kids, and I know those kids are going to grow up to appreciate those beautiful records of their lives so, so much.  My children will not be among those fortunate ones, however.  I've (sort of) tried my hand at this, but with a severe lack of artistic ability and also a major streak of impatience, it's a lost cause.  My talented friends attend day-long scrapbooking parties and arrive home to announce, "I got 9 pages done today!  Hooray!"  And all I can think is, "Nine pages in 9 hours?  Kill me."

My kids will have albums.  With pictures slipped into sleeves.  Amen.

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Movie Theaters

There is absolutely nothing that appeals to me about the movie theater experience at this point.  (Okay, except for maybe an occasional longing for super-fake-buttery popcorn.)  With inventions like DVR and Netflix Streaming, I have no desire to sit in an only-slightly-comfortable seat among lots of strangers in an often freezing room with super-loud speakers and no "pause" button.  Not when I could sprawl on the couch with my husband and a blanket, with the freedom to fetch snacks and take bathroom breaks at our leisure.

(And yes, those last couple of sentences made me sound like an 82-year-old.  Turn down the volume and fetch me my afghan, Mabel!)

We'll still trudge out to the occasional kids' movie (i.e. Disney films we've seen a billion times but look, now it's in 3-D and digitally remastered!)  But beyond that?  No thank you.  

Okay, so there it is.  How about you?  Anything you loathe that everyone else loves?  Anything I've listed here also on your list?  (Please?)  

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