Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 and Done

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On October 1st, I slapped up a post on a whim, announcing that I'd decided to just write something every day for the entire month.  I suspected I'd be sorry I took on the challenge, and I'll be honest - I've been looking forward to the 31st.  A lot.

I don't really know if I accomplished my goal of really writing every day.  Some days it felt more like I was just reaching to get anything at all entered into this space in order to hit "Publish" before midnight.  But I think what October did for me was to prove that I can write more frequently than I do.  I really do want to.  And I learned that I'll survive if I post something that isn't even close to meeting the overly-harsh judgment that I reserve only for myself.  That was really good for me.

Now I'm done, and I'm glad.  But I hope the little lessons and habits developed during this month will stick.  I'd like to be a little more fearless.  And I have some ideas for what that could look like.  Will I venture there?

Time will tell.

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