Tuesday, September 4, 2012

An Insta-Baby Update

Back in July, a post I jotted down in five minutes at 11:00 PM one night became one of the most popular ones ever here at In the Backyard.  It was the story of my new niece, born as a total surprise (and delight) to everyone.  She was early (although no one is quite sure just how early), and after dropping some weight in the hospital at first, came home at right around five pounds.

Now that it's been nearly two months, I thought maybe it was time for an update on that teeny tiny little girl.

This is Emery.  Fully twice the size she was when her cousin Maya first held her, she now tips the scales at over ten pounds.  She has wild curls, several chins, and a propensity toward falling asleep sitting straight up.

My kids, wanting to give her a rhyming nickname, call her "Emery Celery", which my sister and I often shorten to "Em-Cel", a la J-Lo.  Or in further homage, "Emmy from the block" (don't be fooled by the rocks she got).

It's been really fun to watch her grow so quickly.  As evidenced by this text conversation with my sister a few weeks back:

Her: "Em-Cel hit eight pounds!"
Me:  "Hooray!  She's enormous!"
Her:  "I know!  She's the world's most giant baby."
Me:  "We'll take her all around town with an oversize pencil and clipboard."
Her:  "Eeeeeeeeeeagle!"

I'll stop the update there, as this post has probably reached maximum pop-culture-reference saturation (although ten points to anyone who got them all).  Basically we just love this little girl, and are so glad she's here.  And it's fun to look back and say, "Hey, remember two months ago when we didn't know she existed?"

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