Friday, August 3, 2012

Random Friday Thoughts

Oh, summer.  With your gloriously schedule-free days and all kinds of things to distract us, you make blogging so difficult.  Add in the Olympics, and I'm toast. Four hours every evening with suspenseful moments of victory and defeat and emotional montages set to the brilliant sentiments of Bob Costas (I would like Bob to set up a desk in my living room and narrate my life). Oh, it's midnight?  Who cares! I'd like to watch more interviews and highlights, please!  And then the next morning I'm replaying Jerry Seinfeld's "Night Guy" routine in my mind over and over.

A few brief updates for this Friday, on subjects that have totally made my week:

1.  We traveled to Riley Children's Hospital this week for Maya's consultation with the pediatric cardiology department, and had a great appointment.  Her aortic defect will likely always be present, but they confirmed that a procedure to close the hole is unnecessary.  She has no restrictions and, other than occasional check-ups and a general awareness of the issue as she goes through adulthood, will almost certainly not be affected by it in any major way.  This is the news we were hoping to hear, and we're very thankful.

Also?  Well played, Riley Hospital.  We were there a few hours and left with five new toys, stickers and candy, and an agreement between my kids that the long morning was just fine.

2.  Our school decision for this year has been made!  (Thank. Goodness.)  More on this in my next post!

3.  DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS ABOUT MEGAN??  (Sorry about the yelling, but I'm a wee bit excited.)

4.  I'd venture into the Chik-Fil-A thing, and how the whole kerfuffle drove me absolutely BONKERS, but I'm in the basement with my girl Jen Hatmaker.  Her follow-up post is here.

5.  Mark and I are going on another little getaway next week with friends, complete with a Coldplay concert, and we are so very excited.  I bought these tickets back in December, so it's been quite the wait!

6.  I've decided to bake up some cream scones tomorrow morning, in honor of the Olympic host country.  I was in London in 1995, and the warm scones with jam and cream are one of my most vivid memories.  If they turn out awesome, I'll share the recipe.  If not, we'll pretend this announcement never happened.

Happy Weekend!

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