Monday, August 6, 2012

Hold my hand ... we're homeschooling!

Back in March, I posted some thoughts about the ongoing discussions in our home over school.  The months since then have brought more conversation and consideration, and I can finally give an update!

Our main goal was not to have a repeat of last year, where we agonized over this decision for months, virtually lived in denial with our fingers in our ears singing "La la la ... I can't hear you!" as the school year approached, and then were finally forced to deal with it two days beforehand.

(I do not recommend this method of decision-making unless you thrive on high levels of insanity.)

Do you have a small group?  Because if not, I highly recommend getting you one of those.  I mentioned to the other women in our group that I needed some accountability this time around to avoid last summer's stress, and these ladies delivered.  They were lovingly relentless in encouraging me to set deadlines and then (seriously?!?) actually following through with making me keep them!  (Partly because they love me and know what I need, and partly because we drove them all a bit nutso last year with our roller coaster of stress, and they wanted to deal with that again exactly never.)  My friends deserve gold medals in the sport of managing crazy.

And so, with weeks to spare, we decided that this year we will be homeschooling Maya to see how it goes.  Our intention is to take it year-by-year, and we certainly aren't closed off in any way to having her back in traditional school in the future.  I went into the reasons for our attraction to homeschooling back in that March post, but what it basically came down to this year was that the timing felt right to give it a run.  And Mark pointed out that we've been talking about this every year since Maya was born, and if we don't explore it, we may look back in twenty years and wish we had at least tried.

We fully recognize that homeschooling may end up not being right for us, and that's okay.  But I have to say that (normal anxieties aside) I'm pretty excited!  Our curriculum is ordered and likely arriving tomorrow, and we plan to begin on Friday, in step with the local school calendar.  Noah will go to preschool three mornings a week beginning after Labor Day, which will be good for him and also  provide a couple of hours on those mornings for more focused school time with Maya.

So.  There it is.  I would love any words of encouragement from homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike!  Making the phone call to Maya's school has made this all very, very real.  I'm praying that beyond all of the inevitable frustrations and missteps and moments of "WHAT did we do??", this venture into homeschooling will be a good one, no matter what we end up doing about school in the future.

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