Thursday, August 30, 2012

Heebie-Jeebies: Three (of many) on my list

There is no roller coaster in existence that I will not ride. 

I approach strange animals without hesitation. 

Being out by myself after dark doesn’t bother me in the slightest. 

There are a whole slew of “normal” fears that don’t even come close to giving me the creeps.  However.  Lest I come across as a little bit too well-adjusted (sidenote:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) let me confess a few things that do make my skin crawl. 

1. Clowns

(This is the only form in which I can post a clown picture.)

(I also found this lovely sentiment.  Whyyyyyyyyyy?)

I never really liked them as a kid, but the aversion has grown quite a bit stronger in adulthood.  I know clowns are supposed to be silly and happy and comical, but I find them creepy, sad, and not at all funny.  I especially can’t handle them in person.  I can hesitantly watch Cam as Fizbo on Modern Family, but remember the episode of Seinfeld with the opera clown?  Nightmares. 

2.  Small patterned holes

(Sorry, I can't bring myself to post a picture here, or I'll never look at my blog again)

For years I’ve been known by friends and family as having a pretty severe fear of skin rashes.  It’s only been recently, though, that I’ve figured out the real issue.  Things like diaper rash, eczema, and just general redness/scaly-ness of skin do not seem to affect me.   It’s repetitive patterns on skin that give me the heebie-jeebies.  Several weeks ago I read a blog post where the writer expressed a similar aversion and defined it as trypophobia.  Well, let me tell you something:  I have found my people.  Now I know why I also don’t enjoy looking at wasps nests, golf balls, or (*super shudder*) lotus pods. 

A word of warning, though.  If you think you’re also prone to trypophobia, I would advise against Googling it.  While I’m glad to know I’m not alone in this oddity, some of the pictures I saw made me nearly ill and took days to leave my mind.

3.  The Family Ties theme song

Okay, I’m not exactly afraid of this one, but I do have an intensely negative reaction to it.  As in, I sort of want to punch something upon hearing the first few bars.  Family Ties is our current “falling asleep show” on Netflix (do other couples have “falling asleep shows”?), and I always brace myself, finger on fast-forward button, to skip right on past the opening credits before I have to endure them.  I’m not sure whether it’s the music, the lyrics, or the “ooo”s and “sha na na na”s that are most troublesome to me, but Mark definitely enjoys tormenting me with the song every time he happens to have control of the remote.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who shrieks at oversize shoes and squeaky noses, averts their eyes at the sight of honeycomb, and has to stifle an actual gag over "and there ain't no nothing we can't love each other through, (Oooooooooooo) ..."

Clown image: Flickr
Clown sign image: Flickr

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