Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fun with Free Images

I am not a photographer.

At all.

But posts without images are no-nos in the world of blogging, so I'm trying to take more pictures, and leaning on free image hosting sites when I need a simple header photo. 

These sites are more than just a lovely resource, however.  They are a source of entertainment for the easily-amused. (read: me)  While searching for a nice image of a clock or highway, I pass by the most deliciously random photos with even more amazing titles, and it just pains me that I have no reason to share them.

So today, I'm making a reason.  I'm scouring Free Digital Photos dot net to introduce you to the wealth of pictures available for your various needs.

Let's begin, shall we?

May I interest you in the emotionally powerful "Man Liking Milk"?

Also on the subject of food and drink, which frightens you more:

"Sandwich Woman", with her apparent over-affinity for self-tanner?

Or the creepy "Happy Couple Eating Green Apple"?

This woman is definitely having "Easter Egg Trouble".

Perhaps "Adult Caucasian Fit Male, Smiling" can come to her rescue.

Are you in need of a photo that captures the essence of "Genial Older Man"?

Or maybe you'd prefer the fabulously-titled "Women Smiling on His Boyfriend Shoulders".  

My favorite find of today, though, is a group of photos designed for corporate-themed blogs.  And I couldn't resist mentally forming a dramatic storyline to give some sort of explanation for their existence. 

Here, then, is the gripping tale of:

 "Multi-Ethnic Business Team"

Once upon a time, in some sort of inexplicable office environment, there was a team of four generic professionals of diverse ethnic origin.

Every weekday, they bonded over typical team-building activities.

Synchronized clapping,

 hand gestures with a leftward lean,

holiday festivities,

and - of course - the regular business-attire tug-of-war contests

which the women always won handily.  

But one day, something tragic happened.  

Maybe it was due to the outcome of the Monday morning 100-yard dash.

Or maybe it was because he always stayed outside the noisemaker circle on party hat day.

But whatever the reason, things turned very ugly for White Guy.  

And then there were three.  

For awhile, they tried to keep up the champagne parties.

But it just wasn't the same.

So they brought back White Guy and treated him to some synchronized clapping for old time's sake.

And because their hearts were so full with the joy of reuniting ...

... they made a multi-ethnic group phone call ...

... and - wait - do you see a fifth arm?

Awwww!  Look!  It's New Guy!

And the five of them worked happily ever after.

The End.

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