Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What We're Reading - 5/16/12

We loooove books at our house!  I'm not much of a collector of anything, but I do have a ridiculous need to gather and hoard children's books.  So I thought I'd highlight some of our favorites from time to time. 

(Sidenote:  I haven't been given anything to promote these books, the authors/publishers have no idea who I am, and I don't even have any links that make me some change when you click them.  I just love to talk about books!)  

(Another sidenote:  I take the worst pictures ever.  My apologies.)

Both of my kids are HUGE Mo Willems fans!  And while we adore his Pigeon stories, our very favorite Willems works are the Elephant & Piggie series.  Gerald the elephant and his best friend Piggie the pig are silly and endearing, and Willems' stories and illustrations are simple and smart.  My daughter can easily read these books, my son can memorize them to "read" to us, and (best of all) I don't get tired of them - even after many repetitions. 

Just a few of our favorites...

In Watch Me Throw the Ball, Gerald tries to give Piggie some tips on how to throw a ball, but she believes she already has it more than mastered. 

In We Are in a Book, Gerald and Piggie break the fourth wall with their discovery that a reader is reading them ("THAT IS SO COOL!").  The only problem?  Gerald does not want the book to end!

In There Is a Bird on Your Head, one bird takes up residence on Gerald's head, and the party just grows from there - causing Piggie much delight and Gerald much frustration. 

So much fun!  I highly recommend the Elephant & Piggie series for family reading times. 

Which books are your kids loving right now? 

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