Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcome, Summer!

The first day of summer vacation means I'm writing this post at the patio table.  Breakfast was late and leisurely, and the empty dishes wait on the kitchen counter.

The kids are decorating their backyard playset with sidewalk chalk.  They're still in pajamas, cinnamon and sugar mingling with colored chalk dust on their faces, and I don't mind.  I hand them a sheet of waxed paper to make the slide more slippery.  The neighbor kids squeal and shout from their trampoline.

There is no bus to catch today; no bell to beat.  The washing machine will hum and swish all morning and afternoon, taking on the challenge of chlorine and barbecue, strawberry juice and grass stains from a beautiful holiday weekend.  We may go for a bike ride.

I'm missing Mark, back to work and giving it his all, as always.  I wonder if he'll ever truly know how thankful I am for what he does so I can be here.

Noah wants to water the garden, and my coffee gets cold while I make trips into the house for washcloths and watering cans.  I'm loving every second of this.

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