Monday, May 21, 2012

Talking through the Target Ad

Yesterday, Mark and I enjoyed the beautiful morning weather with breakfast and the Sunday paper out on the back patio.  As usual, I reached for the Target ad.  And perusing its pages brought up some observations.

I've tried to understand the appeal of this product, but I find it so perplexing.  You spend $80-$100 on an appliance that allows you to make your own soda.  Then you buy the flavor bottles.  And voila!  Limited amounts of homemade "cola"!  (Or even lemon-lime!)  Hooray?

Maybe it's that the flavor bottles look like mini laundry detergents to me, or maybe it's because I'm big brand loyal when it comes to cola and diet cola and all their carbonated friends.  (Mark:  "That's because you're conditioned to think the other ones don't taste as good.  If you lived somewhere where they didn't have Coke or Pepsi, you wouldn't know the difference.")  I just wonder how many people purchase this product and are super-happy about that decision - and their homemade soda beverage - a few months later.  

(But what do I know?)

This is intriguing.  Magnetic nail color?  What does that mean?  Do I need to try it?

(Mark would probably say that I'm conditioned toward fascination when it comes to new cosmetic items.)

These glasses make me happy.  They lean in a delightfully playful manner.

"Helloooooooo there." 

Me:  "Oh wow, look at these s'mores!  They put two layers of chocolate in each one."
Mark:  "That's too much chocolate.  It's like what Alka-Seltzer did in their ad campaigns."
Me:  "Um ... what?"
Mark:  "Alka-Seltzer ran an ad at one point where they showed someone dropping two tablets into a glass.  And their sales started doubling.  Before that, people just used one tablet."
Me:  "Okay, so you're saying this is a conspiracy between Hershey's and Honey Maid?"
Mark:  "Not Honey Maid.  You don't want more graham cracker.  You want more chocolate after seeing this ad."
Me:  "Yes I do.  I don't even care that Hershey's is playing me."
Mark:  "And you're exactly the kind of consumer they're hoping for."

In addition to my susceptibility to tricky chocolate companies, Mark was also thrilled by the fact that we received three Old Navy fliers in the paper but no business section.

But I didn't care, because I discovered that Tostitos makes Lime & Salt Thins.  Which sounds like everything I've ever wanted in a tortilla chip.

Do you own a SodaStream and care to explain how I've misjudged it?  Have you experienced the Lime & Salt Thins?  Are you going to try a double-chocolate s'more?  Does your glassware have personality?  And what's this about magnetic nail color? 


  1. Oh this post cracks me up! Because I do this too. We are a Coca-Cola family (or, I should say, my husband is a Coca-Cola man) so no soda stream for us. I think it's a good idea if you actually use it (and one of thr bloggers I follow seems to love hers) becausr it will reduce costs in the long run. But I just hate having to buy MORE REFILLS of anything. I can barely stay on top of my family's battery consumption. This contraption would gather dust at my house.

    I never paint mh nails so magnetic polish means nothing to me. But I'vd been tempted to break every glass in my house so I can buy those Helloooooo lean-y ones.

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