Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Musings on May 1st

 - Yesterday, Maya had her first in-costume rehearsal for Saturday's spring dance recital.  The class is doing a Madeline routine, and Maya is playing Miss Clavel.  If you've never walked down the Main Street of your city with a seven-year-old dressed as a Parisian nun...well, it's an experience.

 - Temperatures around here are expected to climb into the 80s by tomorrow!  And last week I had the kids in winter coats.  Sounds about right.  Poor Noah has been so confused about the weather lately.  "Mommy, I don't need a coat because it's springtime and spring is warm."  Yes, dear, it is.  In books.  And Texas.

 - Three members of our family are currently campaigning hard for a dog.  (I'm one of them!)  The lone holdout may read this post, so feel free to leave any lovely comments about the joys of dog-ownership, and how it enriches family life.

 - Mark started a new position at work this week, and I'm so proud of him.  He's pretty great.  (Now if only he'd cave a little on this dog thing...)

 - I've started reading Brandon Hatmaker's Barefoot Church, and have decided it's now official that both Hatmakers are trying to totally mess me up.  And it's probably a good thing.

 - May means four more weeks of school and preschool, one more week of dance class, and four more weeks of  piano lessons, and Music Together.  I cannot WAIT to be in summer-schedule-mode!  (Although it also means we should really figure out the whole next school year thing...)
 - May also means no TV re-runs ... but also the end of another season.  Which means saying goodbye to the Dunfees and Hecks, the Leslie Knope campaign, and Jess & the New Girl guys until next fall.  *sigh*  (Anybody know a premiere date yet for SYTYCD?)

  - I'm mailing a copy of Spirit-Led Parenting to Singapore this week, at the request of a mom who saw it featured on one of the blog tour stops.  I think that's pretty fun! 

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