Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Favorites 5/18/12

This made me giggle.  A lot.

(Marla shared this on Facebook, and the original source appears to be George Takei from Star Trek (apparently), who had it sent to him by a fan.  RANDOM.) 

Sarah posted this YouTube video on Facebook this week, and I'm infatuated with it.

My favorite sitcom this season was a complete surprise to me.  I love Zooey Deschenel, but wasn't really looking for another television show in my life.  Megan insisted I reconsider and check out New Girl, and I'm so, so glad I listened to her advice because oh my goodness.  We enjoy it immensely.

A clip from the opening of the season finale:

And my favorite scene from that episode, where the group finds themselves stranded in the desert and Jess & Nick are confronted by a coyote:

I found a new baking blog to stalk.  Let's not talk about how many I have in Google Reader, okay?  It's slightly embarrassing.  But look how GORGEOUS!

Also?  Somebody please give me a reason to make this immediately ...

Happy Almost-Weekend!  

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