Friday, April 20, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

A few things that have made my week enjoyable...

1. favorite cosmetic item

This nail color from Revlon caught my eye at Target the other day. Maybe because of the tiny sequins mixed in with the deep purple base. Plus, it's called "Scandalous", which is just plain fun.

2. favorite indulgence

I only know of one local store chain that carries this ice cream brand, and I discovered it by chance one day. The Cake Batter flavor? Insanity. Not only does the ice cream itself have a true (not artificial and weird) cake batter flavor, but then it has actual cake pieces and chocolate icing swirled into the mix. (I know. Take a moment.)

3. favorite reading with my girl

Maya and I are nearly through Beverly Cleary's Ramona series, after having gone through her Henry Huggins books as well. Just a few more chapters of Ramona Forever, and we'll be ready to start a new series. (It might be time for the Little House books...we'll see!)

4. favorite reading with my boy

Noah tends to latch on to one particular book at a time, until he has it memorized enough to "read" (recite) it back to us. His choice the past few days has been The Berenstain Bears - No Girls Allowed, in which Brother Bear tires of Sister tagging along with his gang, and decides to build a boys-only clubhouse. All works out in the end, of course, although I think Noah night need further study of the lesson learned. Yesterday, when he and Maya were arguing in the playhouse area of the backyard swingset, he paused the griping to run over, poke his head in the patio door, and ask sweetly, "Mommy, how do you spell 'no girls allowed'?"

Happy Friday!

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