Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thoughts Set to Sitcoms

Is there a spa dedicated to mothers who play 64,783 games of Uno every day with their four-year-old? Just wondering.

I often ponder that I'd like Cam to stop by my house with a ukelele and solve problems via song.

Last week's process of going through fine-tune proofing edits on our manuscript (I made a mistake and lost hours of work; also, formatting dries me batty) had me teetering on the brink of Frank Costanza mode for about four days.

I've decided that I'll start sprinkling in Leslie Knope-isms when talking to my friends. (i.e. "You beautiful tropical fish.")

Mark and I often choose to speak like Brick Heck when making a point in conversation with each other. It's oddly effective. (Effeeeeeeeeeeective.)

Brick's whisper

We also still quote this Andy Bernard moment a LOT.

And finally, This tweet from Zach Braff a few weeks ago made me miss Scrubs so much.

It's very possible that we watch too much television in this house.

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