Monday, March 26, 2012

Attention: Car Thieves

Friday night was a rough one at our house. Mark was sucked into an IT crisis that translated into no sleep at all for him, and Maya was up for hours with an earache. Noah slept twelve hours and had epic amounts of energy on Saturday, but the rest of us were dragging.

With Mark still working on Saturday morning, I stumbled through breakfast before loading up the kids for the doctor's office, where Maya's ear infection was confirmed. By the time we had stopped by the library and arrived at Target to fill her prescription, I had coffee in hand, but it hadn't yet reached my system. Please keep that in mind during the next few paragraphs.

Exiting the van, I reached for the kids' hands and we started our trek through the parking lot. I was surprised to notice that the car parked beside us was left running, but with no one inside or in the vicinity. "Oh, that's smart", I thought to myself in sleepy judgment.

Once inside the welcoming red doors, we waited in line at the pharmacy and then went about our usual Target routine: browsing the clearance sections, picking up a random household item here and there, and letting the kids wander through a few toy aisles.

After checking out and arriving back at our vehicle, I realized that the keys weren't in my hand. Digging through my purse in vain, I remembered that the van hadn't been locked, so I let the kids get in and buckled while I continued to search. Finally, I found the keys.

They were in the ignition (of course).

But much worse?

The van was running.

Yes. my eye-rolling about the car beside us was off by one parking space, as the sound of the motor I'd heard was actually coming from my own vehicle. I had definitely just spent forty-five minutes inside Target while my van sat unlocked and running in the parking lot. It was as if I was advertising, "Hey! Free Toyota Sienna! Look, I've even started it for you!"


Please send help.

And also perhaps a gas card.

* * * *

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