Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend List - Bits of Anticipation

1. The Grammys are on tomorrow night, and I will be watching this year because if Adele does not sweep her categories, the world has gone mad. I'm a fan of Mumford & Sons, and I'll hum along to Bruno Mars, but I mean come on...

2. Megan and I hit "Send" on our (we think!) FINAL DRAFT of the Spirit-Led Parenting manuscript, placing it the expert hands of our editor, Jonathan. He's working on cover designs, and we're working on next steps. So I'm looking anxiously forward to whatever comes with the next month-and-a-half until the expected release. Wow.

3. Two weeks from now, I'll be in Nashville with Megan and a whole bunch of other amazing women I can't wait to meet. Blissdom also gave me an excuse for a much-needed shopping trip with my friend, Nichole, who handed me things to try on and told me what to buy. It also gave her the opportunity to say things like, "You don't own BLACK FLATS? SERIOUSLY??" and talk me through issues regarding bustlines on cocktail dresses. "Where did THOSE come from?" What I'm saying is that I'm fairly certain she earned every cent of the lunch I bought her, and then some. And I now own black flats.

4. And in the very short term, I'm looking quite forward to enjoying a piece of this leftover cake I made for a family birthday gathering yesterday. Mark and I have a traditional 10:00 snack each late-evening, and I can't wait for this one!

Hope your week ahead holds all sorts of anticipated and unexpected delights!

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