Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Holiday Inn Express thanks you to wear your undergarments while dining.

So, over fall break, our family road-tripped to the lovely land of Oklahoma to spend some long-overdue time with Megan and her family. We had a wonderful weekend, and I've tried for awhile now to come up with the perfect post to report on all of the memories contained in those eventful few days.

I could tell you about how thankful we were that our kids traveled so well, and the debt of gratitude we owe to the inventor of the dual-screen portable DVD player.

I could tell you about how fascinated we were by our introduction to the unfamiliar Oklahoman landscape, with its signs indicating the boundaries of tribal nations and others warning us repeatedly, "Do Not Drive Into Smoke". (We obeyed, although one of the first questions we posed to Megan upon our arrival was what this mysterious smoke was and why Oklahoma was so adamant that we not drive into it.)

I could tell you about how Megan is just as kind and thoughtful and lovely and fun as you would imagine (more so, even); and how it instantly felt as though we had grown up on the same street as life-long friends. About how I treasure our friendship even more now, and have thought many times since we've been home about how I would love to be sitting at her kitchen island again with a mug of coffee, talking about kids and life and God and food and whatever else comes to mind.

I could tell you about how Kyle is a man of many talents - fixing us fabulous meals of his own invention, plus teaching a Sunday School lesson out of 1 Samuel that I'll remember for a very long time.

I could tell you about how I enchanted we all were with Dacey and Aliza Joy, beautiful girls with spunk and spirit whose uniquely charming personalities completely captured my heart.

I could talk about how well our kids played together and about trips to the museum and church and about incredibly refreshing time spent in face-to-face brainstorming and talking through the work of our book.

I could tell you about all of that, and it would be true.

But really, what I'm very much wanting share with you today are these two pictures:

The first, taken with Mark's phone in the breakfast room of one of our hotels on the way home. Please note that this is the cinnamon roll station, and observe the printed sign below the counter.

And now, the close-up:

"In the interest of hygiene, please do not remove briefs when trying on garment. When satisfied with fit, protective polythene can then be removed."

Wise words for the morning meal, my friends. Wise words.

You will all be relieved to know that we left our briefs securely in place during breakfast. And a hygienic cinnamon roll was enjoyed by each of us.


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