Monday, October 31, 2011

Spirit-Led Parenting : Finding Encouragement in His Word

Is it still Monday? Does this still count as a Monday discussion? What year is it?

Yowza. Between deadlines and illnesses and vacation recovery, time has been sprinting away from us these days.

We really do have intentions of returning very, very soon to our series on infant feeding. (Truly!) Today, however, we have no carefully-crafted words or deep thoughts to share. Megan has strep throat, and I am currently inflicted with the inability to form coherent sentences outside some intense work on the two book chapters in separate files open on my computer screen. (That last sentence is a perfect example of the non-coherent thing. Don't try to make sense of it...just move on and toss up a quick prayer for my mental state.)

Anyway, rather than give you a thoughtful post today, we would like to just shamelessly ask you for more input! (Charming, right? Please forgive us.)

One of the chapters in process right now is a devotional section of scripture and prayer points to encourage new mothers in those weary, bleary-eyed days and months with a new baby. If you have particular scriptures that have been inspiring, comforting, or otherwise meaningful to you as you have walked the road of parenting, would you be so kind as to share them with us in the comments? We each have a few that are dear to our hearts, but God's Word is so beautifully vast that we know there are likely many more perfect examples that would be perfect for this chapter!

Thank you so much for continuing to share your hearts and wisdom with us! I was plugging some of your stories into another chapter this afternoon and just marveling once again at the privilege it is to have such incredible input to share with the future readers of Spirit-Led Parenting. God has blessed Megan and me so much with all of you!

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