Wednesday, October 12, 2011


You guys.

On Monday, I hit "Publish" on this post with a few butterflies in my stomach. I've shared about my difficult breastfeeding experience before, but it's never easy to put a personal struggle on display. Are you really in this, Lord? I trust that they'll be kind. But will anyone relate?

I'm sure God has chucked in affectionate amusement at those questions during the past two days as your stories have rolled in. To say that I've been touched and overwhelmed would be an understatement. You have shared your hearts and your pain and your joy and your wisdom, all wrapped in raw honesty and strength found in Him alone.

Six years - almost seven - removed now from those first days of motherhood, I have long since come to terms with our feeding woes and found solace in God's remarkable redemption. And yet, He surprised me this week with yet another precious layer of healing in my heart through your journeys and your willingness to offer them here.

And words like these...

"Wow. This is so...validating. In my circle, I've met very few women who went through what I did. But here you all are! "

There is perhaps no greater inspiration for Megan and I as we find ourselves in the middle of our heaviest writing phase for this book. When the Lord first put this message on our hearts, He gave us a deep desire to speak to mothers who have struggled to fit into the mainstream boxes; to give them a voice, offer the freedom to follow the Spirit's leading, and create a community of support and encouragement. If He will use us - because believe me, it will have to be ALL HIM - to accomplish any of those purposes in even the smallest of ways, it will be more than we could ever have hoped.

Thank you so much for ministering to Megan and to me so deeply with your participation in these discussion posts so far. You have no idea how much it means to us. As Megan said in her post yesterday at SortaCrunchy (and if you haven't read it need to), "It is no small thing to trust that much."

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