Wednesday, September 7, 2011

They might want to increase the meal rations for the barnyard specimens.

The holiday weekend sort of threw the posting schedule off here, so Megan and I will be back on Monday to share some of the foundations of the philosophy behind Spirit-Led Parenting. We'd love for you to join the discussion!

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In other news, we really need to take our kids to a museum. This past Saturday morning when they were bored and didn't want to go out in the heat to play (before the temperature dropped 40 degrees in two days and autumn arrived with a sudden "hey there!"), Maya and Noah made their own museum. Which turned out more like sort of a strange zoo. Still adorable and creative, but a definite cry for a day trip to Chicago to check out the real thing.

Without further ado, I present..."Maya and Noah's Museum of Animals"!

"Yellow-tailed snake exhibit". The palm tree indicates that this reptile must be of a tropical variety.

"Hippopotamus eating exhibit". After hearing the name, I was relieved that this ended up being an opportunity to observe a hippopotamus having a lunch of Melissa & Doug brand wooden cookies, rather than one where visitors get to sample some hippopotamus.

The "duck pen". Where you can watch a variety of waterfowl in their natural habitat of red brick.

The "barnyard area". This one was right next to the ducks, which made the proportion discrepancy rather alarming. But where else can you say you used a magnifying glass to identify a cow and goat?

The "dinosaur section". As you can see, the herbivores and carnivores have all been perusing Microsoft Server Administration MCITP Exam 70-646. I'm fairly certain that's what killed them.

I did not get pictures of the "African journey", which circled our dining room table, and where we were offered the opportunity to feed a lion or hold a giraffe. I'm thinking this museum must have a crazy-high liability insurance premium. (I opted to hold a giraffe, by the way.)

I love these kids.

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