Monday, September 26, 2011

Spirit-Led Parenting : Be a part of the project - Part Two

Last week, Megan and I put out a call for your stories related to some topics we are exploring in our book. We have received some great responses so far, and are honored and grateful that you are willing to lend your voices to this project!

As promised, today we are offering the second half of subjects for your input. The submission instructions are listed once again at the end of this post. We would love to have your contributions collected by October 10th (two weeks from today).

Once again, thank you so much for your willingness to share your stories and your hearts with us!

If you breastfed, did you encounter challenges that surprised you? What words of wisdom or resources helped you to overcome those difficulties? How did you handle scheduled vs. demand feedings, and did you feel pressure in that decision? If you embraced extended breastfeeding (beyond one year), tell us about any initial expectations you had about how long you would breastfeed, and how those feelings may have shifted over time.

If you wanted to breastfeed and found yourself making the switch to formula, tell us about how you overcame any disappointment you felt and came to a place of peace.

In the early months of parenthood, were you cautioned against spoiling your baby by holding them too much? Tell us about the ways you nurtured your connection with your child and formed a healthy, secure attachment.

If you walked through post-partum depression, would you share your story with us? How did PPD impact your entrance into motherhood, and how did God redeem those dark days in your life and your relationship with your child?

While expecting your child, or in their infancy, did you receive advice from friends and loved ones or popular Christian parenting manuals that caused you to feel pressured toward a certain style of parenting or set of infant-care methods? Tell us about messages you may have received about “the Biblical way” to care for your baby, and any struggles those assumptions caused in your heart and home if they conflicted with the direction you felt led as a family.

Share with us the joys and struggles you have experienced as you’ve turned from the opinions of outside voices and embraced the leading of the Holy Spirit in parenting your baby in their first year of life. How has this heart focus brought blessing to your home, your marriage, and your relationship with God? What have been some of the challenges?

What words of encouragement would you offer to moms and dads who are just starting out on this journey and desire to honor God in their parenting?

* * * *

As you submit your stories, feel free to tell us as much as you'd like! As a general rule, we will probably use portions that would be the length and scope of a typical blog comment. However, we definitely welcome more detail.

Instructions for submission:

1. Send responses via email to

2. Use the subject line to tell which topic you are responding to; for example, subject line should read: SLEEP or CO-SLEEP, etc.

3. Send a separate email for each topic.

4. Responses must be typed into email directly. DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS.

5. You will receive an automatic response to confirm your story has been received. As much as we would love to respond to each story personally, there is no way we can practically do so. However, please know that every response will be read by us.

6. We reserve the right to edit all submissions for clarity, format, brevity, readability, and grammatical choices.

7. Please include the name/info you would be comfortable with for reference in the book. (i.e. "Laura, Indiana")

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