Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm sure it's a lovely shopping exerience for normal people.

Shopping at Kohl's stresses me out. Aside from the sheer volume of items available, my overwhelm-ment comes mostly from never really being sure whether or not I'm getting a good deal on anything. Because Kohls is a master of the sale.

For someone like me who can be a little obsessive over scouting out the lowest price on any given item, I'm never confident about when to buy. Should I go this week when the ENTIRE STOCK of women's handbags is 30% off? Or will next week's sales flyer scream POWER HOURS or EARLY BIRD, letting me know that I'll get a lower price if I shop early? What if the BIGGEST SALE OF THE SEASON is approaching? (As it seems to every few weeks.) And what about the Kohl's cash? Oh, Lord help me. The Kohl's cash.

It's just too much, people.

The other night, however, Mark needed new shoes for work. And we heard - much to our great shock - that Kohl's might be having a sale of some sort. So off we went, joking on the way there about which form of incredible deal we might encounter.

Imagine how tickled we were, then, to find this:

A pair of men's shoes - Regular price $70. On sale for $75.

An interesting sales tactic, but one that made an evening of shoe-shopping much more enjoyable.

(And he even found shoes. At a price that was lower than the regular one.)

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  1. Love the post! Kohl's is the master of the sale. Luke hates shopping there for that reason. Is it really a sale if there is always a sale? LOVE the $75 sale on the $70 shoes!