Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Would somebody please pinch me?

I am not a fantastic secret-keeper.

Oh, you can tell me anything and I'll keep it to myself. I won't tell a soul. But inside? I'll be jumping up and down with my hand over my mouth just out of my mind to spill the beans. When my friend discovered she was pregnant not long ago and kept it hush-hush for awhile, it nearly did me in. I finally had to say, "Look, I'm going to need you to start telling people now. I can't take it anymore."

I may have some issues in need of further exploration.

Today, though, I can finally spill some HUGE news!

First, let's journey back a couple of years, to a conversation between moms. My incredibly talented friend, Megan, and I were comparing notes on our experiences in the early months of parenting our first-born children. Mind-twins in almost every sense, we had been delighted and amazed to discover another area of kinship, finding that we'd lived very similar journeys. Both of us had entered motherhood desperately wanting to get this parenting thing right; honoring God, preserving our marriages, and raising well-adjusted babies. And both of us, through struggles, fears, frustrations, and finally surrender, had embraced God's call to walk a parenting road that strayed significantly from the mainstream mindset on infant care.

It was Megan who came up with the inspired idea to put our thoughts down on paper. With our shared love of the written word and our passion for living out the lessons God had imparted to us as new mothers, perhaps this was a way that our own journeys could provide encouragement to other women. We began writing, with the dream that God would take this project and turn it into something, someday.

That day has arrived.

Megan and I have accepted a publishing partnership with Civitas Press! It is both thrilling and surreal to announce that our book, tentatively titled Spirit-Led Parenting, is scheduled to be released in early spring, 2012.

Hence, the request for someone to pinch me. Because HOW AMAZING IS THAT?

We are beyond blessed to be joining the Civitas family! Their focus on stories of redemption is powerfully refreshing and represents a huge piece of what we wanted to impart in our book - the transforming work God has done in each of us as He's led us through motherhood. Jonathan, our partner at Civitas, has been amazing to work with already, truly gets us and our message, and is going to be an incredible source of wisdom and guidance for us in the coming months.

Megan and I will both be sharing more information about the book and process as time goes on. We would really appreciate your support as we embark on this exciting and unfamiliar venture. If you'd be interested in visiting or subscribing here and at SortaCrunchy, we would be honored to have you as readers! If you would be willing to "like" our Spirit-Led Parenting Facebook page, that would be fantastic as well. Spreading the word to family and friends who may benefit from the community we'd like to create out of this project would mean a lot to us. (You should know that self-promotion makes me squeamish, so asking these things pushes me WAY out of my comfort zone...bear with me!) Most of all, please pray for us. Our intense desires in all of this are to honor God and encourage other moms.

Thank you so much!

* * * *

Check out the new "About a Book" link at In the Backyard for more details on what this project is all about!!

View the announcement at Civitas Press!

Read Megan's announcement at SortaCrunchy!

Special thanks to Rachel for helping a technological dummy with this blog design, and to Nichole for taking photos of me that didn't make me hide my eyes and cringe. You're both miracle-workers!


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  1. You go girl!! So happy for you!!

  2. So seriously elated for you dear! God is faithful in ways that surprise us sometimes.

  3. Excited to continue to hear about this journey!! By the way no miracles needed you are a beautiful person inside and out...the camera just captured that!! :)

  4. OH I'm soooo excited about this!!!!! I need a book like this to share with my mama friends. I needed a book like this for myself! I so regret CIO with my first child. I knew it was against my God gifted mothering instincts yet, I followed those I knew. Thankfully God showed me I could change, I could go against the rest and parent by His spirit in me. Oh how I can't wait to devour this book!!! Congratulations! Praying your writing flows smoothly to the printing press!!!! I was so excited I neglected my post idea and posted about THIS tonight!