Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weekend Links

Well. I can't even begin to tell you how overwhelming and humbling it's been to soak in the messages of excitement, congratulations, support, and love that Megan and I have received since our big book announcement on Wednesday. We are blessed with incredible friends, and I'm already finding such joy in new connections as well.

I'll be back on the Spirit-Led Parenting subject next week, as well as devoting blog time to other riveting topics such as a psychological issue I'm currently having with my hair.

For the weekend, though, here's a collection of links that caught my attention for various reasons this week. (Some of which will prove exactly how easily my attention can be caught.)

1. Jason Alexander in a PSA for Netflix Relief. I could not love this more. Both for the hilarity, and the painful grain of truth behind the satire. This country is SERIOUSLY FREAKING OUT over the "worst thing ever to white people."

2. On the subject of freaking out, I was also recently introduced to this terrifying little bit of information. Sometimes I am not technology's biggest fan.

3. Disturbing in a different kind of way is that when I saw this headline, and clicked through to the video, I could still sing every word. Help me.

4. When this post from Ann Voskamp popped up in my Google Reader, I immediately bookmarked it to read later, knowing that it would likely be something that would change my life and require tissues. In a slowed-down moment, when I actually did take the time to let the words did all of that and more. Ann's prayer for her daughters is one that I want to keep at the forefront of my heart for my own girl at all times.

a prayer for a daughter

5. And a way to be His hands and feet. One billion people without access to safe drinking water, and $55 buys a lifetime filtration system for a family in need. This info is worth the read (and prayerful consideration).

Compassion's Water of Life program

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thinking that maybe we can play the Netflix Relief Fund video for Thanksgiving this year. Might provoke some interesting conversation.