Monday, August 8, 2011

Spirit-Led Parenting Mondays : It all started as a mess.

Do you want to know the weirdest thing about writing a parenting book? It's hearing yourself say, "I'm writing a parenting book." It just feels a little presumptuous. My tendency, when I peruse books on Christian child-rearing, is to assume that the authors are super-human, perpetually-spiritual people who had everything down from day one, and are now sharing the secrets to their accomplishments.

These people have all of the answers.

These people are completely successful

These people are far better parents than I am.

Well, friends, let me just tell you...

Megan and I are not these people.

We don't have a step-by-step, fool-proof plan to get your baby to sleep through the night. We don't have a convenient methodology that will line your infant's schedule up with yours. Nothing that we are offering is easy.

What we have is a story to tell. And it isn't the story of our seamless victory as mothers. No. This story begins with struggle. Painful, fearful heart-conflict. Complete inability to fit the mold. Fixation on the voices all around warning of undisciplined babies, suffering marriages, and faltering spiritual lives that lie in wait outside of the box that holds "God's way" for infant training. Sobbing in the middle of the night under the oppressive feelings of failure.

Basically, it all starts as a huge mess. And then the mess becomes beautiful. God reaches down and picks up this crumpled wreck of a story, pulls it close, and breathes life.

Redemption. Isn't it always His story?

This is not the tale of our success. It is the outpouring of what He has done in our lives as we've learned to follow His lead. The gathered voices of others who've walked similar journeys. The testimony of what we've learned, and what we're intensely passionate about offering other new mothers (and fathers) as another way to spend that first year of parenthood.

We cannot wait to share it with you.


Every Monday, the posts here at In the Backyard will be devoted to the message behind Spirit-Led Parenting, as well as updates on the process of bringing this dream to print.


  1. I can't wait to read the book Laura, I think it will be fantastic!! Darci

  2. This sounds familiar and I look forward to reading more about how you've gotten through all those struggles. Love your God given words!

  3. I look forward to your continuing posts about your upcoming book publication. I believe that all you have been through in becoming a parent will reach others who need that encouragement. Thanks for being faithful to what God has shown you.

  4. Just saying "we're writing a book on parenting" makes me want to hide. It's very surreal and mostly scary, but I am so thankful that we have every freedom to be totally real with all the messy and, even better, all the redemption.

    Here's the unvarnished truth, friend!

  5. I'm so excited about this book. :)