Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lessons from life with a 3-year-old - An ongoing list...

#1 - Concepts often elude them.

(This morning as Mark is in the bathroom, Maya is laying on her stomach outside the locked door, peering under the crack at the bottom and yelling at full volume...)


#2 - Reasoning with them is futile.

(Yesterday, after she requested raisins for her afternoon snack, and I walked by to notice that she had eaten half of them and left the other half neatly in one side of her bowl...)

Me: "Are you going to finish your raisins?"
Maya: "No, these ones are yucky."
Me: "They're yucky? Why?"
Maya: "Because I don't want to eat them."
Me: "Why don't you want to eat them?"
Maya: "Because they're yucky."
Me: "Ok, but why are those raisins yucky?"
Maya: "Because we should throw them away."
Me (taking deep breath, trying one more time): "Ok, what makes them yucky?"
Maya (shooting me an exasperated look): "Me!"

[I give up]


  1. LOLOLOLOLOL oh my WORD. I am cracking up here. That girl. PRICELESS!

  2. So funny! Sam is starting into the funny stage now and I am looking forward to when we can have conversations like this! I guess she had a point though...if she wants to declare the raisins yucky I guess they're just yucky!

  3. this girl cracks me up. I love the daddy do you want some privacy. that is gut wrenchingly funny..

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