Monday, October 8, 2007

I say strange things now

Motherhood = odd phrases coming out of my mouth. A couple of today's examples...

"No honey, I can't take my face off. It stays on my head."

"Let's not mix crackers and water together to make paste..."

"We don't ice skate on books."

"Why is the sour cream in the living room?"

Yep, those are some sentences I never thought I'd say!


  1. hee hee hee! I say strange things throughout the day, too. And D loves to ice skate on books!

  2. LOL this kills me. I need to start paying attention to the strange things I say. I can't even remember what I said today. LOL

  3. Hah! Yep, mamas say some strange things! Even stranger, is some of the stuff that comes from the wee ones' mouths!

    - Mandy @