Friday, September 21, 2007

Have you thanked a cow today?

Driving in the car this morning...

Maya: Look Mama! Cows!
Me: Yeah, I see them!
Maya: Cows drink milk.
Me: Well, cows give milk.
Maya: No, cows drink milk.
Me: Well, baby cows drink milk from their mamas, but big cows give us milk to drink.
Maya: That's very nice of cows!
Me: Ah...yes, it is!
Maya: Thank you, cows!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I should wear a blinking sign...

It's happened more than once in the last couple of days. Maya has hurried towards me, looking to throw herself onto my legs either in protest of an un-granted request or to laughingly escape a Daddy tickle attack...and her little head just completely bounces off of my protruding belly. It stuns her for a moment, but she quickly recovers and adjusts her embrace a bit to the side.

So, the phrase "be careful of Mommy's tummy", once reserved for cautioning my child to please not whack me with toys or limbs in that general vicinity, is now also applicable to her approaching me quickly. *sigh*

Three months to go. I'm not going to get any smaller. Yowza! Perhaps I should invest in a toddler-sized helmet?