Monday, August 6, 2007

Smart Alec

Last night, as Mark and I enjoyed big bowls of freshly cut seedless watermelon, I looked over to see him meticulously picking the tiny white seeds out of the melon pieces with the tongs of his fork.

"It's ok, honey," I teased. "If you eat the seeds, it won't make a watermelon grow in your tummy."

Without missing a beat, he very seriously replied, "I don't know...", with a pointed look at my pregnant belly, which is admittedly looking more melon-like every day.

Very funny, dear. Although I gotta say, that's not at all how I remember it happening...

Edited to add: Is it an indication of just how obsessively I've been poring over baby name books these days that I looked back at the title of this post and went, "Hmmm...'Alec'..." ?

Nah, the Baldwin association isn't great for me these days with that one.


  1. lol. That was a pretty good one Mark!!

    I like Alec.Funny, I haven't even glanced at a baby name book.

  2. hee hee hee! Good stuff!

    I kinda like Alec, too . . .

  3. tee hee.....what a quick wit he has! :) I sure would have got a good giggle out of it! :)